Agenda Central streamlines and automates the legislative agenda process.

Agenda Central provides enterprise-wide coordination for public meetings. Through the use of Microsoft SharePoint technology, Agenda Central automates the agenda process from scheduling meetings to creating and approving agenda items and publishing the compiled agenda. With the capability to utilize multiple formats, the newly created agenda is suitable for viewing electronically, publishing on the web, or printing out. This flexibility allows agendas to be created, modified, submitted or approved anytime anywhere from the enterprises’ Intranet and Extranet. In addition, security is assured through the organization’s network security as well as Microsoft’s SharePoint security schema.

For many city and county governments, drafting, tracking, and publishing legislation is a manual process that has changed little over the years. Within the last decade, these same governments are serving larger, more information-oriented constituencies that require a fast, accurate response from their local government. Many governmental bodies have realized that the electronic management of their workflow, as well as fast and easy access to all legislative information, is becoming critical to serving their constituencies. Agenda Central creates an agenda following a standardized approach to agenda creation while allowing the flexibility to transform it to the unique requirements of each organization.

Although primarily designed with public institutions in mind, Agenda Central can be utilized by any organization looking to automate their agenda process.

Agenda Central Primary Features

Central SQL Database
Personalized Desktop Views
Automatic Email Triggers
Easy Print/Publish
User-Level Security
Enhanced Search Indexing
Multi-Unit Workflow
Paperless Collaboration